3/26 GMS Shout Outs!

ELA - Mrs. Corrill - I LOVE the videos you are posting on your Google Classroom page and Twitter, especially the ones of you and your dog!
Math - Mr. Hjelmeng - Your use of Edpuzzle has been wonderful! 
Science - Ms. Taylor - The games you are playing with the students are so much fun! I love how you are playing too!
Social Studies - Mrs. Clark - Using the grid method to differentiate learning remotely has been terrific! 
Special Ed - Ms. Strauss - The way you embrace your role as a co-teacher with Sheldon and equally contribute the education of all of the students, not just your caseload is incredible!
Encore - Mrs. Wood - Your Workout with Wood videos that include your sons are amazing! What a great way to stay connected with our kids and get them moving! 
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