7th graders donate incentive funds to Foundation

It appears that Goshen students who are learning how to manage their money have also learned the importance of giving back!

Current 7th graders are participating in the Student Enterprise Program (StEP) sponsored by University of Cincinnati’s Economics Center. Students earn play money for being responsible, having good attendance, completing homework and more.

Then, four times a year, UC’s StEP Program sets up an in-school store, teaching students how to purchase things on their own, saving their money for a larger item or donating to charity.

This year’s 7th graders, who have been in the program since last year, decided to donate their savings to the Goshen Education Foundation. Foundation board member Phil Tudor, pictured with Goshen students and a member of the StEP Program, recently accepted a check for $573.60 from the University of Cincinnati Economics Center, on behalf of the students.