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Beth Douglas » Welcome to 7th Grade Social Studies!

Welcome to 7th Grade Social Studies!

7th grade Social Studies with Mrs. Douglas
Background information on Mrs. Douglas:
Graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature
University of Cincinnati 1990
Teaching licensure
St. Mary of the Woods 2000
Master of Administration
Concordia University - Chicago 2015 
Contact Information:
Mrs. Beth Douglas
722-2226 or douglasb @goshenlocalschools.org
Best way to reach me is by email or call the office and leave a voice message

Parents and Students,
Hello and welcome to this site. I am looking forward to the coming school year. I am assigned to teach 7th grade this year. The following is basic information regarding coursework, HOWEVER, PLEASE USE PROGRESS BOOK FOR WEEKLY ASSIGNMENTS, NEWS, AND CURRICULUM UPDATES.

                                         Seventh grade social studies curriculum per the State of Ohio:
                                          First quarter:  review of ancient cultures (Mesopotamia, Egypt), ancient Greece
                                          Second quarter:  ancient Rome
                                          Third quarter:  middle east (Persia or Iran, Iraq), China
                                          Fourth quarter:  the Enlightenment
I follow a general outline each week:
Bell work or vocabulary, main lesson, wrap-up discussion or exit ticket to check for understanding.
80-89 B
70-79 C
60-69 D
59- F
Pro-Ohio has now changed to PRO-CORE! Students are used to taking bi-weekly Pro-Ohio tests. The format has changed to align with the new Common Core curriculum. As in the past, students take these bi-weekly tests which are aligned with the "CC" standards. Students can re-take any tests at home to increase their grade. Ask your child about their current scores.

CLICK HERE to access Progress Book:  http://pbaccess.hccanet.org. Check homework, grades and more. Call GMS at 722-2226 to access username and password.
Pro-Core is on line testing program the district uses to prepare students for state testing.  Here is the link for practice from home:

                            Direct link to Pro-Core via Pro-Ohio: http://procore1.pro-core.us/Login/Login.aspx