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Who is Mrs. Rybak?

This will be my ninth year teaching at Goshen Middle School and I could not be more excited to be back. I have my Bachelor's in Middle Childhood Education from The University of Dayton and my Master's degree in Educational Leadership from Wright State University. When I am not teaching I love to spend time with my family and friends.  Every year I start out by asking my students to create a top ten list of interesting facts about themselves. Below is my list!
1. I am a huge OSU fan: GO BUCKS!
2.I recently got married and a fun fact about my husband and I: we have both worked at summer camp for over ten years!
3.Being outside if my favorite place in the whole world and I will take students out as much as I possibly can.
4.My family is full of educators. My mother was a teacher for 35 years and my father a principal for over 30.
5.The beach is my favorite place to vacation and my favorite place to read a book. 
6.My favorite TV show is Gilmore Girls and I loved the new episodes on Netflix. 
7.I strongly believe that it's my job to not only teach my students curriculum, but to also help them become better people.
8.Listening to music helps me concentrate and is something we will do often in room 807.
9.Inspirational quotes fill the walls of my classroom because I believe that everyone has a story that should be heard and shared with others.
10.There is nowhere else I would rather be than in our classroom!