Hello! Welcome to another exciting year in 7th grade math! I am Kelly DeNu and this is my 16th year of teaching! I have a bachelor's degree in Education from Northern Kentucky University. I also have a master's degree in Mathematics from Marygrove University and a STEM Engineering certificate from the University of Cincinnati!!  I live in the Loveland area with my husband, Paul and our 8-year old twin children, Sophie & Hayden! They will be starting 3rd grade this year at Milford!
EMAIL: denuk@goshenlocalschools.org
513-722-2226 ext. 6032
Plan Time: 7:55-8:40

Our team is called "Team VIP" and consists of 5 other passionate teachers: Mrs. Velagic, Mrs. Shaw, Mrs. Weinheimer, and Mrs. Perkins! We look forward to a great year!
Mrs. Weinheimer will specifically be working in Math class with me this year as our intervention specialist! 
Bathroom Form - click here! - when leaving the room you must fill out this form. 
Daily Lesson Plans Bitmoji - Check here if absent or for direct links to lessons!
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Google Classroom Access for Students Only:
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Progress Book https://:.hccanet.org/
Math Grid Class Resources for Students and Parents:
  • Click the link or picture for all assignments and activities for Unit 1. Please use the website to navigate through each topic, watch the videos lessons for examples (go back and watch if you get stuck during homework!), and complete up to level 3!
  • If you are absent, use the link to complete your Unit work at home so you don't get behind!!
  • PARENTS - If you want to keep tabs on your child's classwork - you may use the link too to access all lessons and videos. Students will only have homework if they do not finish the lesson of the day OR they need to complete a "re-do" assignment. (79% or below is a re-do)
Ratio & Proportions Unit- Grid Work Directions


Number Systems Unit 1 Resources
Welcome to 7th grade Math 2019!
  • Our first unit is called NUMBER SYSTEMS. We will be completing the unit using "The Grid Method" 
  • Each day, open the Number Systems Grid Directions Website for your curriculum to work on each day!
  • Complete until you reach Level 3 and take the test!
  • Work at your pace! (within reason)

Math Game Recommendations! Today's Math Assignment.


  1. Click on the following link to obtain the Math recommendation template that you will be using. (make a copy and share it with me!): Recommendation Template You Need
  2. Choose at least 10 math games out there on the web.
  3. It can be from: http://www.coolmath-games.com/ or wherever you find a cool math game!
  4. Play a couple rounds of the games
  5. Explain how/why it would be a good Math game for me to implement in my classroom next year since every teacher will have computers everyday!
  6. List the math concept that it would address.
  7. Include the website so that I can find it for next year!!! (thanks for helping with this! I will use your recommendations for next year’s classes!)
  8. SHARE the google doc with me so you can get extra credit and so I can have your recommendations to keep for next year!

Bell 1 - Dance Steps to Solving An Equation!

Students learn how to solve an equation with variables on both sides through song and dance.