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Math Grid Resources:
1. Everyday when you are given class time to work on The Grid, please use the "Grid Directions Slideshow" for directions, videos, and links. 
2. If you are absent - please refer to this website and links to access any of your missed work!!
Hello! Welcome to another exciting year in 7th grade math! I am Kelly DeNu and this is my 14th year of teaching! I have a bachelor's degree in Education from Northern Kentucky University. I also have a master's degree in Mathematics from Marygrove University. Most recently, I earned a certificate in Engineering Education from the University of Cincinnati! I can't wait to implement my innovative and exciting STEM/Engineering projects! I live in the Loveland area with my husband, Paul and our 6-year old twin children, Sophie & Hayden! They will be starting 1st grade this year at Milford!


513-722-2226 ext. 6032

Plan Time: 1:45-2:20

My team is called "Team VIP" and consists of 6 other passionate teachers: Mrs. Velagic, Mr. Gross, Mr. Lehr, and Mrs. Perkins! We look forward to a great year!

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8/22/2018 Math Agenda

Today's Math Agenda 8/22/2018-
1. In your interactive notebook, watch the following video and take notes. Write down everything that is written in the video. 
2. Complete the following handout. NO CALCULATORS! If you get stuck, go back to your examples from the video or re-watch the example in the video. (Teacher will pass out a paper copy) but it looks like this--> Handout 1a
3. You will either hand this in or you will grade it together.
4. If you finish with time left over, complete the following quizziz competition:
Go To:


Type in the Code: 807424
Play the quiz game to see how accurate you can get!

Math Game Recommendations! Today's Math Assignment.


  1. Click on the following link to obtain the Math recommendation template that you will be using. (make a copy and share it with me!): Recommendation Template You Need
  2. Choose at least 10 math games out there on the web.
  3. It can be from: http://www.coolmath-games.com/ or wherever you find a cool math game!
  4. Play a couple rounds of the games
  5. Explain how/why it would be a good Math game for me to implement in my classroom next year since every teacher will have computers everyday!
  6. List the math concept that it would address.
  7. Include the website so that I can find it for next year!!! (thanks for helping with this! I will use your recommendations for next year’s classes!)
  8. SHARE the google doc with me so you can get extra credit and so I can have your recommendations to keep for next year!

Bell 1 - Dance Steps to Solving An Equation!

Students learn how to solve an equation with variables on both sides through song and dance.