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I am now using EDMODO, which is a virtual learning platform (LMS) to allow students access to online assignments, google docs, online discussions, earning of badges, video examples, and there is even a folder with access to all of the homework! If you forget your homework paper at home... check the "folder" tab for a link to the homework!! I will no longer be updating THIS page with assignments. Go to www.edmodo.com to log in, or use the specific links below to log in!
Parents, if you would like to join the class to follow assignments and receive updates - please use the following class codes to access:
Hello! Welcome to another exciting year in 8th grade math! I am Kelly DeNu and this is my 13th year of teaching! I have a bachelor's degree in Education from Northern Kentucky University. I also have a master's degree in Mathematics from Marygrove University. Most recently, I earned a certificate in Engineering Education from the University of Cincinnati! I can't wait to implement my innovative and exciting STEM/Engineering projects! I live in the Loveland area with my husband, Paul and 5-year old twin children, Sophie & Hayden! They will be starting Kindergarten this year at Milford!


513-722-2226 ext. 6042

Plan Time: 1:35 - 2:20

My team is called "Elite 8's" and consists of 6 other passionate teachers: Mrs. Rybak, Mrs. Fine, Mrs. Shaw, Mrs. Malone, Mr. Fledderjohann, and Miss Walker. We look forward to a great year!

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Slope Re-take Test

Re-take opportunity-Between TODAY and SPRING BREAK-
If you would like to EARN POINTS BACK to your test, you can do that by doing the following things first.
1. You must watch these videos the whole way through!

2. THEN, you may get a paper copy of the Re-take Test on front table. (THE FILE IS ATTACHED IN CASE YOU NEED OVER SPRING BREAK!)

3. You must take the test (there are only 8 questions) - in order to get the answer correct and earn the point - you must EXPLAIN WHY that makes the correct answer!!!

4. Get me or a parent to sign your test (that it is complete and you have shown all work)

5. THEN you may enter your answers in the computer test!!!
(no explanation/work = no credit!!)


Wednesday 9/13/2017 Assignment

Wednesday Class Assignment
1. Dilation Video Notes - watch video AND fill in notes while watching.

2. Watch the "real world example of dilations" prezi: https://prezi.com/4it4kp03b5ib/real-world-examples-of-dilations/

3. Explore the Dilation size change app:

4. Complete assignment #5 - Dilation/Similar Figure Practice (FINISH FOR HOMEWORK IF NOT COMPLETE!)

Math Game Recommendations! Today's Math Assignment.


  1. Click on the following link to obtain the Math recommendation template that you will be using. (make a copy and share it with me!): Recommendation Template You Need
  2. Choose at least 10 math games out there on the web.
  3. It can be from: http://www.coolmath-games.com/ or wherever you find a cool math game!
  4. Play a couple rounds of the games
  5. Explain how/why it would be a good Math game for me to implement in my classroom next year since every teacher will have computers everyday!
  6. List the math concept that it would address.
  7. Include the website so that I can find it for next year!!! (thanks for helping with this! I will use your recommendations for next year’s classes!)
  8. SHARE the google doc with me so you can get extra credit and so I can have your recommendations to keep for next year!

Bell 1 - Dance Steps to Solving An Equation!

Students learn how to solve an equation with variables on both sides through song and dance.