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Classroom set up:
In my classroom there is a lot of interaction between students. The environment is that one that students do not only learn history, but also learn good citizenship skills. Students often move around in my class to work with various students. Part of being a good citizen is being able to collaborate with others. It is my responsibility to produce an effective and safe learning environment for all students.

About Mrs. Clark:

Bachelor of Science in secondary social studies education 7-12 from Ohio University
Masters in Education as a mild-moderate intervention specialist k-12 from Wright State

I have been teaching for 16 years
Five years teaching social studies
One year as a paraprofessional
Nine years as an intervention specialist
Taught all grades 6-12

I was born and raised in the Cleveland area. I am a huge Cleveland sports fan. I moved to the Cincinnati area in 2003. I met my husband Ryan while attending OU and we married in 2006. We have two children one girl and one boy. Reagan, my daughter is the oldest and will be entering third grade this year. My son Brennan will be in first grade and a cocker spaniel named Buffy.

Recent Posts

Weekly update 5/14-5/18

I can compare and contrast pirates and explorers
Since we have officially wrapped up the 7th grade standards for social studies this week we are going to be looking at explorers and pirates.  This is a fun little side unit that I have done in the past and most students enjoy.  
Monday: Fun day for those with no missing work in the morning.  Intro to pirates unit
Tuesday: Pirate dossiers
Wednesday: Junior Achievement students are coming home with letters about this. 
Thursday: Pirates code and comparison to explorers.
All missing work due by this day
Friday: 8th grade unit on geography of colonial America
Permission slips due for field trip
5/16: Junior Achievement
5/17: All missing work due
5/18: Permission slips due for Castle Skateland
5/21: 7th grade awards ceremony 9:45am
5/22: Field trip to castle skateland

Weekly update 4/30-5/4

I can identify explorers routes of exploration
I can explain reasons for exploration
I can identify goods, food, plants, and diseases that were exchanged during the Columbian Exchange
Essential Question?
Do explorers deserve to be celebrated and remembered as we do today?
Monday: Look over our quiz from Friday and geography challenge
HW: The Age of Exploration(last homework of the year)
Tuesday: Finish geo challenge if not complete on Monday. Breakout exploration
Wednesday: Motives for exploration
Thursday: Columbian exchange
Friday: DBQ is a project grade will be due by end of class on 5/8
5/4-5/8(possibly 5/9)-Mrs. Clark out son is having a tonsillectomy
5/16-Junior Achievement more info to come 
5/22-End of year reward to Castle Skateland
5/24-Last day of school for students

Weekly update 4/23-4/27

I can identify reformers and their beliefs of their new denomination of Protestant.
I can explain the Catholic churches response to the reformation.
Monday: Math test I am helping out Mrs. Ogden
Tuesday-Wednesday: Dossiers on reformers and Catholic church officials
Thursday: Counter reformation and review
HW: Study
Friday: Quiz on Scientific revolution and Reformation
4/30: Air math test
5/16: Junior achievement more info to come. 

Weekly update 4/16-4/20

I can...
define reformation and protestant
I can cite political and social reasons that led to the Catholic Churches decline.
I can explain how Martin Luther's 95 Theses was the spark that ignited the Reformation
I can explain how new technology help spread the Reformation
I can explain how other reformers brought social change to Europe. 
I can explain the Catholic Churches response to the Reformation. 
Monday: Wrap essential question from the Scientific Revolution.  Game to preview Reformation. Power Point on Reformation
HW: The Tudors
Tuesday: 95 Theses and begin station activity
Wednesday: Stations
Thursday: Review Stations
Friday: Begin Dossiers
4/17: ELA air testing begins
4/20: Interims go home
4/20: Dodgeball tournament 
4/30: Math Air testing begins

Weekly update 4/9-4/13

I can....
identify terms important to the Scientific Revolution
identify important scientist and their inventions or discoveries
explain why science and the Catholic church conflicted. 
Monday: Review results and complete student ownership form from Friday's quiz.  Less than an 18/25 will have the opportunity for a mastery redo. Take a pre-test on Scientific Revolution terms and scientist.  Based on the pre-test results will determine a students next activities.  
HW: Galileo
Tuesday-Friday: Depending on the pre-test results will depend on the activities students will be working on today.  Either vocabulary word webs or scientist trading cards.  If a student tests out of both they will be creating a webpage devoted to the the Scientific revolution.
All activities are due by the end of class on Friday
*If a student is small group testing this week the appropriate accommodations will be made. 
4/9-Small group air testing begins for ELA
4/9-Dodgeball tickets go on sale
4/17-ELA building wide testing
4/20-Dodgeball tournament 
4/23-Small group math air testing
4/30-School wide math air teseting

Weekly update 4/2-4/6

I can identify important figures of the Renaissance
I can use secondary sources to determine guilt or innocence. 
Monday: Review Scavenger Hunt/Famous Florentines
Tuesday: CSI Florence
Wednesday: Finish CSI Florence with one paragraphy
Thursday: Northern Renaissance/Hero or Villan
Friday: Wrap up Northern Renaissance and Hero or Villian
4/9: Small group Air testing beings
4/10: Parent meeting for Washing DC
4/17-Air testing for all begins
4/20 Dodgeball tournament more information to come.

Weekly update 3/19-3/23

I can define Renaissance, humanism, and patron
I can identify physical features of Europe
I can identify the Medici's family importance to Florences
I can identify famous people of the Renaissance and their famous works
Essential Question
What does it mean to be a Renaissance man?
Monday: Physical features/Medici family/humanism
Tuesday: Pro-core C if meet or exceed goal for the year earn extra credit only opportunity this quarter.
Wednesday: Famous Florentine's
HW: Around Florence
Thursday: Famous Florentines
Friday: Scavenger hunt
Important Dates:
3/20: Pro-Core C only opportunity for Extra Credit 4th quarter
3/26-4/1: Spring Break
4/2: School resumes

Weekly update 3/12-3/16

I can...
master the middle ages unit with 70% score or higher on the unit test
define humanism
define renaissance
identify the Medici family and their importance to the Italian Renaissance
identify physical features of Renaissance Europe.
Monday: Review Game
HW: study for unit test
Tuesday: Unit test Middle Ages
Wednesday: Review unit test and intro to Renaissance
HW: Lost and Found
Thursday: Library and videos Medici
Friday: Geography Challenge
3/16 report cards go home
3/20 Pro-Core C
3/23 last day before spring break anything related to the Middle Ages that is still missing is due by this date it will be turned to 0 after this day. 

Weekly update 3/5-3/9

I can describe how the Magna Carta influences the U.S.
I can explain how the 100 Years War led to a decline of Feudalism
I can identify the term Nation State
I can describe how nation states helped unify European countries and eliminate the social and political system of feudalism.
Monday: Magna Carta QR scavenger hunt
HW: Magna Carta packet if not complete by the end of class
Study for quiz on Tuesday
Tuesday: Quiz on Plague/Rise of towns/Magna Carta also start station activity.
Wednesday: Station activity 100 years war
Thursday: Complete station Activity 
Friday: Review stations and 100 Years war
3/9: last day of 3rd quarter all missing work due
3/13: Unit test on the Middle Ages
3/20: Pro-Core C 
3/23: Last day before spring break
3/25-3/30: Spring break
4/2: students resume school

weekly update 2/6-3/2

I can explain how the rise of towns caused a decline in feudalism

I can identify guilds and how they were helpful to the merchant class.

I can identify important features of the Magna Carta and how we see them in our society today

I can analyze the relationship between the Magna Carta and the Declaration of Independence

Monday: Wrap up peer editing and plague and move on to the rise of towns.

HW: The Growth of Towns and Cities

Tuesday: Identify the features of towns that led to the decline of Fedualism

Wednesday: Are you King John's weakest link? The history of King John and the Magna Carta

Thursday: Library Magna Carta explained and how it connects to the declaration of independence.  

Friday: Wrap up Magna Carta and quiz over plague, rise of towns, and Magna Carta.


3/1: Clark out 

3/13: estimated date for end of unit test on middle ages

3/21: Pro-Core C

Weekly update 2/19-2/23

I can explain how the plague led to a decline in feudalism

I can identify the plague and the cause

I can describe how the plague impacted Europe.


Monday-No School

Tuesday-Breakout Plague

HW: Plauge due tomorrow. 

Wednesday-Thursday- Causes of the plague stations

Friday-Begin writing out informational essay on the plague


2/19-No school

2/20-Parent teacher conferences

weekly update 2/12-2/16

I can describe the motivating factors of the crusades from the perspectives of Christians, Jews, and Muslims.
I can explain the significance of the outcome of the crusades for each of the groups. 
Essential Question: What are the motivating factors that influence movements of people, ideas, and goods?
Monday-Wednesday: Continue work on the Crusade posters
Due by the end of class on Wednesday or this will be homework.
Thursday: Library and quiz on the Crusades.
Friday: No School
2/15 conferences
2/16 no school
2/20 no school
2/21 conferences