Ideas for Genius Hour

Remember, the intention of Genius Hour is to explore ideas, content and skills that you are personally interested in. It is FREE learning time customized just for you!
Here are some ideas that you can use for Genius Hour time:
2. Find a mini-engeneering project to complete. 
4. Find the answers to some of your biggest questions.
5. Learn a new skill.
6. Write a story, play, song, etc. 
7. Research your future career ideas.
8. Conduct a survey about a topic of interest for you.
9. Make a website.
10. Get creative or artistic and make something.
11. Make your own video game:
12. Make your own cartoon using: or download the FlipaClip app on your phone!
13. Find out how something is made.
14. Take something apart and then attempt to put it back together.
15. Learn a new language: sign language, French, German, Spanish, or create your own secret language.
16. Learn about circuit boards to find out how electricity works. (See Mrs. Fine for this)
17. Create your own Rube Goldberg contraption. See:
18. Imagine an event in history DIDN'T happen the way you learned it happened!  Imagine you use time travel to change the course of history-- write or draw how everything would be different. Think about it... What if America never won their independence? What if China never built the Great Wall? What if Christopher Columbus never set sail?
19. Create a 5K charity run/walk.
20. Organize a blood drive, food drive, or other charitable event.
21. Find ways to help local animals that need adopted/cared for.
22. Create a new type of ice cream flavor, or a new food/drink.
23. Learn about animals-- maybe create an argument why all snakes/bees/spiders are not all bad.
24. Create a website for students to share book reviews (to use when choosing a book for your ELA book projects.
25. Create a blog or youtube channel that shares current events with your peers.
26. Learn how to crochet or sew.
27. Learn about and study depression and anxiety problems in teens; then develop a plan for how to help your friends that deal with these issues.
28. Learn Yoga.
29. Get crafty by completing different Pinterest projects.
30. Create, market, and sell a product that you invent/design.
31. Create a claymation movie/cartoon.
32. Develop and fine-tune your photography skills.
33. Create a fitness plan or an exercise regiment.
34. Create your own sports news program/blog/You Tube channel (about Goshen sports or professional teams).
35. Design a career study to help you sort out your plans for the future.
36. Ask a bunch of questions and research the answers. Try using: 
37. Design a 3-D Model to have printed on a 3-D printer: or