Mrs. Amy Fine » Our Team: Team Phoenix

Our Team: Team Phoenix


Amy Fine (Social Studies) =

Jae Schelanskey (Science) =

Kelsey Rybak (Language Arts) =

Brendan Walsh (Math) =

Kristen Walker (Intervention Specialist in Math) =

Caleb Fledderjohann (Intervention Specialist in Language Arts) =



Tribe- 7:30-7:55

1st block- 7:57- 8:37

Encore- 8:40-9:25

1st block- 9:28-9:50 (62 min)

2nd block- 9:53-10:30 

Lunch- 10:30-11:10

2nd block- 11:10-11:35  (62 min.)

3rd block- 11:38-12:40  (62 min.)

4th block-12:43-12:48

Warrior Workshop- 12:50-1:20

4th block- 1:23-2:20   (62 min.)


100 - 90 = A

89 - 80 = B

79 - 70 = C

69 - 60 = D

59 and below = F


Our team expects the following expectations to be followed by every student:

  • Students will arrive to class on time and be seated immediately.
  • Students will treat all classroom furniture, materials and supplies with respect.
  • Students will use provided technology (i.e. computers) appropriately or may be subject to a loss of privileges.  
  • Students will treat peers, teachers, and staff members with respect at all times.
  • Students will not use personal devices in class unless special permission by a teacher has been given. (see cell phone policy)
  • Students will obey the rules listed in the GMS Student Handbook.
  • Students will be able to use the restroom or go to their lockers with a teacher’s permission. Students will be encouraged to use the restroom and go to their lockers during hall break; therefore, using a hall pass should be for emergency situations only.


Each teacher reserves the right to deal with specific late work and make-up work issues on a case by case basis. Extra copies of assignments will be provided in the classroom (and sometimes on the teacher’s webpage). The general rules that will apply are as follows:

  • If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to obtain any missed work, notes or homework. Check your teachers’ websites when you are out.
  • When absent, you have 2 days to make up the work or else it will be considered late.
  • Late assignments can be deducted up to 50%.
  • Late work will be accepted until the end of each quarter.


Cell phones are not permitted in classrooms. All students will be provided with their own laptops this year; therefore, personal devices are not needed to enhance learning in the classroom. If a cell phone is brought into the classroom, teachers on this team will adhere to the following building policy:

  • The cell phone will be taken to the office until the end of the school day.


Students will be encouraged to use the restroom and visit their lockers in between classes. However, for emergency situations, teachers can allow students to leave the classroom with a hall pass. Students will not be permitted to take their cell phones with them. Students will need to sign out with a timestamp before leaving the classroom. If a student is abusing hall pass privileges or not utilizing class-change/hall-break time wisely, a teacher can decide to not allow any student leave the classroom.