Hi! My name is Mrs. Shaw and I’ll be your 7th grade science teacher at Goshen Middle School. I have a wonderful family including my loving husband Dakota 3 year old daughter Sidney and new born son Cyrus.  At my family's farm we have a collection of animals. I have dogs, cats, goats, pigs, some turkeys and chickens, plus 2 ponds (koi and one for swimming)!  When you enter this classroom one can expect to be met with love and the expectation that you assume the norms of a scientist.  Observe, infer, innovate, question, test...  7th grade can quite possibly be your BEST YEAR YET!
-With love
           Mrs. Shaw


9/7 Update

Digital materials are now under the sidebar Best Connection.  Use these resources, Discovery Education, and our mini classroom library.  All new learned information should be record on their reflection on Google Classroom to be shared with their team of scientists.

Best Connection

Our first unit is called 'Best Connection.'  Teams of scientists will plan to construct the tallest building possible using the best connecter.  See the side bar Best Connection for all online resources available for this unit.